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1. What materials are commonly used in making handicraft rugs and wall hanging tapestries?

Handicraft rugs and tapestries can be crafted from various materials including wool, cotton, silk, and jute. Each material presents distinct textures and characteristics.

2. How do I clean and maintain my handicraft rug?

Kindly follow Rug care instructions mentioned below. For tougher stains, professional cleaning might be necessary.

3. Do we deal in bulk-orders?

Yes, we have in-house artisans, container business is always welcome. For further inquiry, you can contact us via email at or (+91) 70343661691, and one of our salesperson will assist you promptly.

4. Can I customize the design or size of a rug or tapestry?

Yes, customization may come with additional costs and longer lead times depending upon the texture, size, design and quantity. To customize the design of your rug, simply reach out to us with your requirements. You can contact us via email at or (+91) 7863985994, and one of our designers will assist you promptly.

5. Can I customize the color of rug or tapestry?

Yes, this is when our skilled artisans come to play along with our designers. We offer the option for color customization of our rugs to suit your preferences. Whether you have a specific color scheme in mind or want to match the rug to your existing decor, we’re here to accommodate your needs.
To customize the color of your rug, simply reach out to us with your requirements. You can contact us via email at or (+91) 7863985994, and one of our designers will assist you promptly.
Please note that color customization may entail additional processing time, as we ensure each customized rug meets our quality standards. Our team will provide you with the necessary information regarding the process, including any associated costs and estimated timeline.
We are committed to providing you with personalized products that reflect your style and preferences. Get in touch with us today to explore the possibilities of color.

6. Do the product images on our website display true colors?

Yes, the products featured on our website showcase true colors. However, please note that the color representation may slightly vary depending on your device’s screen resolution. For inquiries about additional images or further assistance, feel free to contact us at (+91) 7043661691 or via email at We’re here to ensure you have all the information you need.

7. How do I determine the quality of a handicraft rug or tapestry?

Look for factors such as the materials used, the density of knots or stitches, and the intricacy of the design. Handmade rugs often have slight variations that add to their charm and authenticity.

8. Are all your products eco-friendly?

Yes, at Namasteycraft we believe in eco-friendly and sustainability. One of our core values are sustainability and use environmentally friendly materials and practices in crafting our products.

9. How do I choose the right size rug for my space?

Consider the size and layout of the room where the rug will be placed. For a living room, a rug should ideally be large enough to fit under the main furniture pieces, such as the sofa and coffee table, with a border of floor space around it. In dining rooms, ensure the rug is large enough for the table and chairs to fit comfortably, even when pulled out. In bedrooms, a rug can be placed partially under the bed or in front of it, depending on the size and layout of the room.

10. Are there specific care instructions for delicate or antique rugs?

Delicate or antique rugs may require special care to preserve their beauty and longevity. Avoid heavy foot traffic and direct sunlight exposure, as these can cause fading and damage. Professional cleaning by experienced rug cleaners trained in handling delicate fibers and dyes is recommended to ensure proper care.

11. How do I know if a rug or tapestry is authentic or handmade?

Authentic handmade rugs and tapestries often exhibit unique characteristics such as irregularities in the design, variations in color, and inconsistencies in the weave or stitching. Look for artisan signatures or labels indicating handcraftsmanship.

12. What is a Pom Box and how does it help in choosing color combinations for rugs and tapestries?

A Pom Box is a collection of small fabric or yarn samples, often arranged in a box or binder, representing various colors and textures. For system generated color codes of pom box you can contact us via email at or (+91) 7863985994, and one of our designers will assist you promptly.

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