Layered textures bohemian wall tapestry


  • Multilayered design for dynamic visual appeal
  • Handwoven with diverse textures for unique artistry
  • Colorful palette brightens and enlivens spaces
  • Bohemian charm complements eclectic decor
  • Easy to hang, transforming walls quickly
  • Crafted for durability and long-lasting beauty
  • Lightweight for flexible placement options

Craft a captivating and cozy atmosphere in your home with the Layered Textures Bohemian Wall Tapestry. Featuring a lush cascade of colorful fringes and rich, woven patterns, this handcrafted tapestry adds dimension and a playful pop of color to any space. Each layer presents a new texture and hue, from earthy tones to vibrant pinks, creating a tapestry that’s as versatile as it is visually appealing. It’s an artful blend of traditional weaving techniques and modern design, perfect for anyone looking to enhance their home with a piece that’s both stylish and steeped in artisanal heritage.


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