Modern textured layers handwoven wall tapestry


  • Handwoven textures for a unique feel
  • Striking color-block design for a modern look
  • Adds depth with its layered composition
  • Versatile styling complements any decor
  • Rich fringe detailing for an elegant finish
  • Lightweight for easy hanging and rearrangement
  • Crafted for durability and longevity

This Modern Textured Layers Handwoven Wall Tapestry is a contemporary addition to any home seeking a blend of modern design and tactile pleasure. Handwoven with attention to detail, it features a sophisticated layering of colors – from calming greys to soothing pinks and a striking blue, capped off with a rich brown fringe. The varied textures and weaves within each colored band create an engaging visual and sensory experience. This wall tapestry is not only a piece of art but also a testament to the timeless craft of weaving, making it an exceptional focal point in any room.


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